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InspecThaGadget shows how to get Adobe Flash on the Kindle Fire HD. STEP 1: ON YOUR FIRE HD, GO TO "Settings", "Device" - and Check "Allow installation of applications from unknown sources". STEP 2: DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL ES FILE EXPLORER TO YOUR FIRE HD (LINK BELOW): ES File Explorer STEP 3: DOWNLOAD ADOBE FLASH APK (LINK BELOW): Adobe Flash Player ALTERNATE LINK: If you get a zip file, Long press (press and hold) the flash file name from within ES File Explorer and tap rename. Delete "zip" (without quotes) from the end of the file name and add "apk" without quotes. STEP 4: DOWNLOAD DOLPHIN BROWSER 8.5.1 APK (LINK BELOW) Dolphin HD 8.5.1 APK STEP 5: OPEN ES FILE EXPLORER: STEP 6: TAP THE "DOWNLOAD" FOLDER STEP 7: TAP THE ADOBE FLASH ICON AND TAP YES TO INSTALL STEP 8: TAP THE DOLPHIN BROWSER ICON AND TAP YES TO INSTALL Use Dolphin browser for whatever Flash sites you want to go to. YOU'RE DONE!!! ENJOY FLASH ON YOUR KINDLE FIRE HD!!! FOR MY UK FRIENDS, HERE'S ITV PLAYER:

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