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Designed by Renzo Pascotto -bult by A.G.A. Campolin.... THANK YOU, ANGELO! 13" Bat Swinguard -French Bovine Horn, Dagger Blade, Solid Nickle Silver bolsters and guards. Stainless blade and button. Tang reads, "A.G.A. CAMPOLIN MANIAGO-ITALY 2010" Maniago is home to some of the greatest switchblade producers that the world has ever known! I'm blessed to have been able to visit that beautiful little town, and to own a few of their products. ... this knife was a long time a comin'! Dan, I doubt I could've got though it without you! -you're a good man. I look forward to the day we finally meet in person. --John, you also! It's good to know good people. All the best to the lot of ya!

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