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Candy Crush Saga Hack using Cheat Engine 6.2 2013

Yay! 200,000 + views! Before you proceed, PLEASE STOP POSTING SPAMS, LINKS, AND SITES!!!!!!! FOR THE GOOD PERSONS, PLEASE REMOVE, REPORT, OR FLAG IT AS SPAMS BECAUSE I'M TIRED OF REMOVING THEM! If you didn't understand it, here's the steps: 1. Open your Facebook 2. Open Candy Crush Saga 3. Open Cheat Engine 6.2 (older versions are also working) 4. Select the desired process (Mine is Google Chrome) For Firefox users, select the Flash Player Plugin (the 2nd one) For Internet Explorer users, select Internet Explorer For Opera users, select Opera (Try not to use Google Chrome. It's hard.) 5. Select the level where you are stuck 6. Scan the number of moves left in the game 7. Take 1 move 8. Scan again the number of moves left until only 2 addresses left 9. Copy down all the addresses 10. Change the value into 20 (or any no. of moves you want.) 11. If you change the value into 20, check the box beside the address. That means you freeze it. 12. Enjoy! 13. If you finished removing the jelly or take down all ingredients, uncheck the box fast. That means you unfreeze the moves. (It works also on the score.) Note: If there is a time on the game, just scan the score and wait.. It works on any Windows versions such as Windows 7 and 8. :D Please like, share and comment! For unlimited boosters and lives, go here : For unlimited boosters and lives (iPad and iPhone users) Please do not post any links that shows any tools for the hack. Or I will report you. :D

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